Adult Proxy Access

I want someone to help me with my GP services

Do you need help managing your healthcare?

You can ask a trusted person to apply on your behalf using this service, if you are both aged 16 or over and both registered at the same GP surgery, which we are taking part in the trial. Talk to them about what you want them to be able to help you with, and give them the details they need to apply.

Invite your trusted person to find out more about applying for access to another patient's GP services on the NHS website.

This service is designed and run by the NHS, so your personal information is safe.


The NHS is trialling a new service where you can apply online for proxy access. You can only use this service if your GP surgery is taking part in this trial.

You will need to use your NHS login. If you do not have one yet, you can set one up as part of your application.