About the Patient Group

PG Meetings are currently being held on a by monthly basis between 5.30pm and 6.30pm via Zoom.

If you are interested in attending then please complete the joiner form and forward it to SWLCCG.thurleighroadpractice@nhs.net to express your interest and your contact details will be passed onto the group.

If you are a patient and would like to volunteer to help with things such as minute taking of meetings, preparation of refreshments or indeed you would like to just come along to hear what is going on in this practice and the wider NHS, we would love to hear from you.

What is a patient participation group?

A patient participation group (PPG) is a group of patients and GP practice staff who meet regularly and work together to improve the quality of care and outcomes for patients. PPGs can bring significant benefits to a GP practice: improving services, allowing resources to be used more efficiently and, most importantly, developing mutually supportive networks (outside the GP or nurse appointment). Groups help the practice to develop services that reflect what patients need and want.

PPGs become advocates for the practice and the services it provides. A thriving PPG is increasingly viewed as an indicator of a high-quality caring practice.

When working well PPGs strengthen the relationship between patients and practice staff which is critical to the provision of modern, high quality general practice.

Your Virtual Patient Group

Our Patient Participation Group is encouraging patients to give their views about how the practice is doing. They would like to be able to ask the opinions of as many patients as possible and are asking if people would like to provide their email addresses so that they can contact you by email every now and again to ask you a question or two.

TRPPLG Constitution

Association: The Group shall be affiliated to the National Association for Patient Participation (N.A.P.P.) and be governed by the rules of the N.A.P.P.

Aims & Objectives:

  1. To help Doctors and Surgery staff to provide, and patients to obtain, the best possible healthcare through discussions at regular meetings with surgery staff deliberating on local and national health issues.
  2. Contribute to patient satisfaction through opinion surveys and other means, including the examination of complaints, as well as monitoring the performance and targets set by the Practice.
  3. Produce two newsletters for Practice patients per annum which will contain appropriate information on local and national health matters.
  4. Organise as required appropriate educational seminars on health matters suggested by patients which will be open to all patients of the Practice.
  5. Monitor activities of Wandsworth Primary Care Trust and assess the effect any decisions or developments proposed by the Primary Care Trust may have on patients of the Practice.
  6. Ensure that the Group has a wide and representative membership from the Thurleigh Road Practice patient population.


Membership shall be open to all patients and staff of the Practice regardless of ethnicity, disability, age or sexual orientation.


The committee shall consist of three officers- a Chairman (revolving), Secretary and Treasurer- and at least six other Committee members nominated and elected annually.


All sums collected by the Group shall be handed to the Treasurer who shall pay the same into an account in the name of the Group at such bank or building society as the Committee may from time to time decide. All cheques must be signed by two members of the Committee of whom one must be the Treasurer

Annual General Meeting

An AGM shall be held annually. Any item for the agenda shall be sent to the Secretary for consideration at least four weeks prior to the AGM date. 

Election & Retirement of Committee Members

All officers and Committee may offer themselves annually for re-election at the AGM. If more than one nomination for an Officer is received then a vote must take place. In the event of a tie the Chairman has the casting vote.

Report and Account

The Committee shall present at each Annual General Meeting a report of the activities of the Group and its own proceedings during the previous year, with a statement of accounts up to the end of its financial year.


If upon winding up or dissolution there remains, after the satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities, any property whatsoever, the same shall be given or transferred to the Practice or the parent charity or other similar charity.

Notice and Application of Rules: Any member of the Group shall upon request be supplied with a copy of these rules.

Alteration to the Rules: Any of these rules may be rescinded, amended or waived by a resolution passed at an AGM or a Special Meeting of which proper notice will have been given to all members, by a two thirds majority of the members present and voting. Provided that no alteration shall be made which would cause the Group to cease being affiliated to N.A.P.P. Reg. Charity No 222992157.


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Education Talks

From time to time at one of our TRPPLG Meetings, we have our GP’s or guest speakers hold educational talks about a variety of health topics that may be of general interest.

Please click on the following links if you would like to learn more about these talks.

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Patient Group Minutes of Meeting, Reports and Surveys

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Sign up

If you would like to become involved, you can sign up by completing the form and emailing to swlccg.thurleighroadpractice@nhs.net.