Do you live in the catchment area?

To be eligible to register at the practice you must live within the practice catchment area.

Please check that your road is inlcuded in the catchment area. You can check your postcode below or or using the map.

If you submit a registration form and are not living within the practice catchment area, your registration will not be processed.

Is your postcode covered?

Please note that this postcode checker is just a guide and should be used in conjunction with the list of “catchment area roads covered”. This gives further detail on specific house numbers where our catchment area does not cover the whole length of a road


Register with the practice


Roads covered in the catchment area

Aderly Grove
Airedale Road
Alderbrook Road
Alfriston Road
– (Odd 37-87, Even 48-120)
Amner Road
Ashness Road

Badminton Road
Balham Grove
– (Even 52, Odd 61 upwards)
Balham Hill
Ballingdon Road
Bellamy Street
Belleville Road
Berber Road
Birchlands Avenue
Blandfield Road
Blenkarne Road
Bolingbroke Grove
– (1-81 only)
Bracken Avenue
Bramfield Road
Broomwood Road
Broxash Road
Burland Road

Calbourne Road
Canford Road
– (Odd 31-77, Even 32-74)
Chatham Road
Chatto Road
Chestnut Grove
Churchcroft Close
– (114-118, 121-129 only)
Clapham Common West Side
– (1-68 only)
Clarence Mews
Cobham Close
Culmstock Road

Darley Road
Denning Mews
Dents Road (including Rowan Court)
Devereux Road
Dulka Road

Earls Thorpe Mews
Endlesham Road
– (2-46, 1-77 only)

Gayville Road
Gorst Road
Granard Road
Grandison Road
– (Odd 55-135, Even 54-134)

Halston Close
Hendrick Avenue
Hillier Road
Hillgate Place
Hollies Way
Holmside Court
Holmside Road
Honeywell Road
Hughes Stonell’s Road

Jaggard Way

Kelmscott Road
Kyrle Road

Leacroft Avenue
Leathwaite Road
– (Odd 107-191, Even 96-156)
Liberty Mews
Linnett Mews
Lysias Road

Malwood Road
Manchuria Road
Mayford Close
Mayford Road
– (2-74, 1-79 only)
Montholme Road
Morella Road

Muncaster Road
– (Odd 29-81, Even 34-96)

Nightingale Lane
Nightingale Square
Nightingale Walk
Northcote Road
– (Odd 117-185, Even 110-184)

Old Park Avenue
Oldridge Road

Pickets Street

Rainham Close
Ramsden Road
– (Odd 91, even 100 upwards)
Roseneath Road
Rowan Court
Rusham Road
Ravenslea Road
– (1-45, 2-32 only)

St. Francis Place
Sudbrooke Road
Sumburgh Road

Temperley Road
The Avenue
– (South of Wakehurst Road)
Thurleigh Avenue
Thurleigh Road

Wakehurst Road
Walsingham Place
Webb’s Road
– (Odd 39-79, Even 26-76)
Western Lane
Wexford Road
Winsham Grove
Wiseley Road
Wroughton Road

Temporary and Overseas Patients

UK Residents

If you are in the area for a short time and require urgent medical treatment you are able to register with this practice as a temporary resident. This gives you almost the same access to general medical services as registered patients but only for a period up to three months. If you are going to be in the area for longer than three months you should register fully with a GP.

If you are registered with another practice locally it is essential that you to attend your own practice where your medical notes are available.

Please note, as a temporary patients you will not be eligible for Travel Vaccinations. This service can be provided by private travel clinics or by your registered GP Practice

Emergency Treatment for Foreign Visitors

People from abroad are eligible for free treatment on the NHS in the case of an emergency. Broadly, this means that if, in the opinion of the GP, your condition requires emergency treatment you will not be charged for a consultation with the GP. If you require treatment or medication for a pre-existing condition you will be charged a fee, which then should be claimed back via your insurance company.

You can receive emergency treatment for up to 14 days.

Please note that these conditions also apply to British nationals living abroad.

Should you be registered with another practice locally you are required to attend your own practice where your medical notes are available.

Only complete a Temporary services form GMS3 (PDF, 81kb) if you wish to be seen by a GP.

Find out how to access NHS services in England if you’re visiting from abroad.