Online booking service

If you are a patient aged 16 years or over, you can now book a routine appointment with your GP using our internet booking service. These appointments are released online at 7.30am.

You can also book Same Day appointments online – these are released at 7.30am every morning, Monday-Friday.  Once registered for the service you can also order repeat prescription items.

If you haven’t registered yet please visit our reception desk to sign up for the service. We ask patients to see us in person and bring some form of ID such as photo driving licence or passport.

You can register online by clicking the link below, but will still need to come into the surgery with a form of ID to be able to complete the process and use the service.

Click below to use, or to register for our online service.

Please remember that most appointments are 10 minutes only, so the clinician may not be able to deal with multiple issues in a single slot.

Routine pre-booked

Routine appointments can be booked in advance with any doctor/nurse and other clinical services through reception or online via EMIS Access.

Same day

Our Same Day appointments can be booked on-line or by telephone. The appointments are open at 7:30am for online and at 8:00am by calling the surgery, Monday to Friday.

These appointment slots are for patients to be called on the day, whether or not the problem is urgent.

If necessary, the patient will be asked to attend a face to face appointment which will be arranged by the GP.

Dedicated clinics

We have several types of clinics available which can be booked online or via reception.

- Paediatric
- Smear
- Blood Pressure
- Physio
and others

Home visits

Home Visits are for our elderly, housebound and seriously ill patients. We would ask that children be brought into the surgery wherever possible.

We offer Home Visits every day, generally after Morning Surgery, between 11.30am to 1.00pm.

Please contact the surgery before 11.00am for a Home Visit that morning.

Appointment reminders

We are pleased to now offer text message and email appointment reminders to all patients over the age of 12.

To sign up, all you need to do is log your mobile phone number and/or email with one of our receptionists, they will update your electronic patient record and reminders will start being sent automatically. If you have not been receiving these reminders you will need to call reception to opt in.

Due to issues of confidentiality, a unique mobile phone number must be provided for each family member over the age of 12, we cannot sign up entire families with a single phone number only. Parents of patients under the age of 12 can have reminders for their children’s appointments sent to their own phone.

Cancelling appointments

Please let us know as soon as possible if you have to cancel your appointment, so another patient can book it.

Appointments can be cancelled in a number of ways: by phone – either by speaking to one of our receptionists or by calling the main number and selecting option 1 or by texting CANCEL in response to the text you will receive reminding you of your appointment.

The amount of GP and nurse time wasted through missed appointments over the last 12 months is the equivalent to 4 to 5 clinics per month.

Single appointment multiple problems

This is likely the most frequent reason a clinic runs late.

The time allocated for your appointment – ten minutes – is usually only sufficient for the clinician to deal adequately with a single problem (although we will never cut a consultation short as we do believe in giving your problem due consideration if it takes a little longer to deal with).

If you feel you will need to spend more time with the doctor, or have a number of issues you wish to discuss, please book a double appointment. If we have called you in for review we will not have time to deal with any other issues within the same appointment; please book an additional appointment so we can allocate the time that you need.


Due to the nature of our work, unpredictable, inevitable and unavoidable emergency telephone calls, requests for help from other staff members, emergency consultations and home visits do occur. We ask for your understanding and empathy when these situations arise.

If your doctor is running late, it is likely to be for a good reason and we will be happy to provide you with an explanation.

8 to 8 Hub appointments (Outside surgery hours only)

You can now be seen by a GP outside of the practice opening hours at one of the 8 to 8 GP hubs in 3 of the Wandsworth localities. The consulting GP will have access to your full medical history and will document the consultation directly into your notes. These appointments are available up to 8pm on Saturdays and Sundays

You can only be booked into the hub by staff here at the practice who will decide if it is appropriate for you to be given a hub appointment. Please be aware these appointments are limited and are also for other local practices to use also. If in the event there are no appointments at a hub you will be advised to wait for the next available appointment at the Practice.