NHS App Messaging Service

You can now receive messages through the NHS App Messaging Service.

This is a convenient and secure way for the practice to send you messages about your care.

What to expect from messages

We will send you:

  • appointment reminders
  • changes to practice services
  • Health questionnaires

We will only send you a message if we need to contact you, for example if we have an update about your care.

We may continue to send you some information by SMS (text) message while we transition to using the NHS App Messaging Service.

If you do not want to receive messages from the NHS App Messaging Service

Contact the surgery to discuss your preferred contact method.

How to check if you have a message

You will receive messages, in 'View messages from your GP surgery and other NHS Services.'

The best way to keep up with your messages is to download the NHS App on Google Play or the App Store and turn on notifications.

To check your messages:

  1. Log in to the NHS app.
  2. Go to View your messages.
  3. Select View messages from your GP surgery and other NHS Services.
  4. Then select [GP surgery name].

Get NHS App notifications when we send you a message

To turn on notifications:

  1. Log in to the NHS app.
  2. Go to More.
  3. Select Account and settings.
  4. Then select Manage notifications.
  5. Use the toggle to turn notifications on or off.

You will see a new notification from the NHS App the next time we send you a message. Your notifications will tell you that you have a new message from your GP.

You will still receive our messages if your notifications are turned off, but you will not see a notification on your device when you have a new message.

How to contact Thurleigh road practice

You can make contact with us by:

  • Online consultation forms https://florey.accurx.com/p/H85114
  • phone 020 8675 3521

Your privacy while using the NHS App

If you want to find out how the NHS uses your information, read the NHS account privacy policy.

Important changes to care at Thurleigh Road Practice

As a valued member of our Practice, we wanted to inform you of some important changes to how care will be accessed at Thurleigh Road moving forwards.

Many of you may be aware of the current pressures on General Practice, not only at Thurleigh Road, but nationwide. Our practice population has grown to almost 15,000 patients, and the number of clinicians has decreased recently because of funding and the national shortage of GP’s. The overall demand for appointments has increased greatly and is at an all-time high and we understand how frustrating this is for our patients.

NHS England have recently published a plan to aid recovery of Primary Care. The plan stipulates that all patients should receive an assessment of need when they contact the practice and that an appropriate appointment should be booked, preferably within a two week time frame of the contact.

Our priority is to make sure that we attend to patients who require urgent medical attention before attending to patients with more routine issues. In order for the Practice to achieve this and adhere to the new plan, it will be necessary to introduce an appointment booking system based on clinical need. The most effective way we can achieve this is to adopt online triage.

From Monday 10th July, we request that all enquiries for an appointment are made online. From our website homepage, please select the ‘Submit a new request’ option and if you require an appointment select ‘I want help for a medical issue’.  You will then need to fill in an online form, which provides all the information required to safely triage the enquiry.  The first person to review the request will be a clinician, who will then decide upon the appropriate course of action. This could be a face-to-face or phone appointment with a member of our multidisciplinary clinical team, or perhaps redirection to another provider such as a local pharmacist or primary eye care service.

We appreciate that not everyone may have access to our website. In this case, we will be happy to receive your phone call and one of our Clinical Support team will assist you to complete the form. Our vulnerable patients will continue to be welcome in reception in addition.

The medical online request form will be available from 8am to 6.30pm Monday to Friday, or until the Practice has reached capacity. If this is the case, you will be notified and redirected to another service.  For urgent issues please continue to telephone the practice. Outside of these hours please call 111 as you have done in the past.

We hope that you understand the need for change. Your support in helping us to deliver the right care, in the right place and at the right time, is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions or need any advice on how to complete an online request, or the general process moving forward, please feel free to speak to a member of staff who would be happy to help.

In appreciation of your continued cooperation.


The Partners. Thurleigh Road Practice

Dr I. Nasiruddin.           Dr C. Ellis.              Dr S. Ovaisi.           Dr J. Christopher.               Dr E. Liu.

Polio Vaccine booster in London - Updated 23rd August

Polio Vaccination Update – 23rd August 2022

We just wanted to reassure our patients that we are working hard to finalise our plans for vaccinating all eligible patients with an additional Polio vaccine.

Firstly we ask all patients/Guardians not to call the practice or book an appointment unless you have already received either an invitation via SMS or letter and that you please wait until you have been contacted. If you do not receive contact shortly this will mean the child at present is not eligible for an additional vaccination.

Phase 1

All eligible patients whose routine immunisations were either due or overdue have been contacted via SMS or by letter and have been requested to make contact with the practice to arrange a vaccination appointment.

Phase 2

All eligible patients aged 1 to 5 who are now due an additional vaccination, on top of the normal routine childhood immunisations will start to receive an SMS or letter invitation by the end of this week.

To clarify Eligibility for additional polio dose, children aged 1 year to 3 years 3 months will be able to receive an additional dose post 4 weeks after their last Polio dose. Children aged 3 years 4 months to 5 year olds will be able to receive an additional dose 12 months after their last polio dose.

Children 5 up to 10 years of age further information to follow in due course.



Dear Patients,

We are aware of the latest news regarding Polio Vaccines for children in London, rest assured once further communication has been sent from NHS England that we will be in touch with all patients/parents of all eligible persons with further information. You do not need to do anything at present as we will be in contact in due course.

Many thanks

Thurleigh Road Practice.