Blood testing service changes

Dear Patients,

We have just been informed of the new phlebotomy booking system that will launch on Monday 18th December 2023.

From this date all patients will need to book a timed appointment for their blood test using St George’s new booking system run by Sangix.

The aim is to improve your experience, allowing you to book a blood test at the most convenient time for you, and to minimise waiting times for tests at our sites.

The system will allow you to arrange a dedicated time to attend for your blood test, to book you can visit the online booking portal (not via Microsoft edge), scan below QR code or by calling 020 3376 8776.

Before attending, please ensure that you have either booked an appointment or an appointment has been booked on your behalf.  You will receive a confirmation email that your appointment has been booked.

You must also ensure you remember to bring your blood test form with you, as we need this to know what to send your blood sample(s) off to be tested for.

Please note that GP Referral blood tests cannot be booked at St George’s site. They can be booked at Queen Mary’s HospitalThe Nelson Health Centre and St John’s Therapy Centre.