As from 1st January 2017, the practice is no longer offering cryotherapy to patients due to cuts in NHS funding and no new appointments for this service will be made.

Anyone who needs cryotherapy for the removal of a wart can book to see a GP for onward referral to Community Dermatology.

Anyone with a verucca requiring treatment should see a local Chiropodist.

Please note that veruccas and children under 7 are not usually treated by cryotherapy.


Minor Surgery

Dr. Ismat Nasiruddin is able to offer certains types of minor surgery depending on patient suitability and need. The health authority limits the type of lesions we can remove but troublesome skin lesions and ingrown toenails etc. are some examples. A doctor or nurse will need to refer you for this service after reviewing the skin lesion.

Dr Christopher is able to offer certain types of minor surgery/ steroid joint injections, depending on patient suitability and need. These are to be discussed with any GP in a consultation and if deemed helpful/appropriate he may be able to offer you such a procedure. The NHS has a narrow window of what can and can’t be offered but if at all possible, and if this is something that he feels appropriate, he will of course aim to help.

These procedures are to  be offered on a case by case basis and often will need some form of imaging prior to the procedure.